Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The 5 club!

We are officially joining the 5 club! We weren't planning on another bundle of joy quite so soon but the Lord had other plans for us. We are all happy and excited to have another member of our family. The kids are overjoyed! When we told them the news, I pointed out to them that whatever we have (boy or girl) will determine if the boys will rule the home or the girls since we will no longer have an even amount. Dallin is now crossing his fingers for another brother.

Chris and Susan came to Visit!

We had such a great time with Chris (my brother) and Susan (his wife). We had a couple B.B.Q's with all of us, the kids had a blast playing together and the adult's had fun talking and playing Apple's to Apple's (we played through every single card).

Cousins (My kids, Andy's kids, and Chris's kids)

My family one Sunday right before Church

Preston was a stinker and kept sticking his tounge out. That's Preston for ya. . .always silly.