Friday, April 17, 2009


We took Preston to the eye doctor last week to discuss removing the bump above his eye. He was born with small cyst above his eye and the doctors told us long ago, that it was no big deal and that we could choose to remove it or not. So Gregg and I had finally had decided that Yes we wanted it removed. We were thinking that this appointment would be no big deal and we'd basically schedule a surgery date and be out of there. Well, 2 hours later we were still there and the doctor was doing all kinds of testing. Finally they dilated his eyes and told us that he was very farsighted and needed glasses. Gregg and I were pretty surprised, Now a week later we were able to pick them up and I think he looks really cute in them. Preston wears them proudly and shows them to everyone. I just hope he stays this excited about them!

The Race!

The pinewood derby was really fun this year. There were about 30-35 kids that participated and Dallin actually made it to the final rounds. He didn't place anything this time but his cousin Jayden took 1st place out of everyone and Dallin was So excited for him!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I am playing Blog Catch-Up

Maleah's 2nd Birthday


A few weeks back I got to California for almost a week with Maleah. I had a great time. I got to see my brother and sister and their families.
Here is some of the things we did:

- Another birthday party for Maleah (the cousins really wanted to do one for her since it was her birthday the day we arrived).
- Lunch with just my sister/best friend (at my favorite resturant in the whole world)
- shopping
- Maleah loved playing with cousins
- visited Gregg's two sisters (and more cousins)
- went on a run with my brother (it kicked my butt)
- Went by my old house and neighborhood
- went to dinner with all my family(that was really cool to be all together)

Here are a few pictures but I have to warn you that they were mostly taken the night before I left at bed time.
Cousins (Grant and Nathan)

Brother (Christopher)

Kristen and Maleah (cousins)

sister-in-law Susan, Kristen and Maleah

My sister Julie (right after working all night long as a nurse)

Our Spring Break Tea party with cousins

We had a very fun tea party with lots of manners, it was so yummy and the kids loved it! Alise and I made it very formal with hand-made invitations and place mats, we even bought a new tea pot.
First we started out with sliced apples and sandwiches (I forgot to take the picture until they were almost gone)

Served with our Tea (which was made with soda and juice)

Next we had lemon muffins

And for dessert we had home made donuts and cookie ice-cream sandwiches (They were all being so goofy)