Friday, February 12, 2010

I played catch-up, check out the last 6 entries!

Flattered by a 10 year old!

Valentines Parties! Yesterday I went to the kids school to help with their Valentines day Parties. I went to Dallin's class first to drop off some treats and I was able to sit with him for a few minutes. As I sat down, a girl next to him just stared at me. I was a little uncomfortable and she finally said (while still looking at me) "Dallin your mom is pretty." I was flattered and said, "thank you." Then she went on to say,"I wish my mom was as pretty as yours", I almost had to laugh, this was getting funny. Then she continues to say, "my mom wears too much make up, sometimes she wears so much that I don't even recognize her!" After she finished I couldn't hold it in, I think I laughed out loud.

I got to go to both Dallin and Alise's parties and help out. I really enjoyed being able to help and just relax and watch them have a great time. i think I forget how much it means to them to have me there. Dallin and Alise both told me later that day how wonderful it was to have me come. It was really a great day!

Alise's Spa Party!

The invitation Alise and I made.

This past January 29th Alise turned 7! I can hardly believe that she will be able to be baptised next year, she is growing up so fast! I let each of the kids have a party every other year and this was her year. We went though all kinds of options: Princess party, fashion show, you name it and the only one she even considered was a Spa party. So we decided to do foot massages, toe painting, and make-up. I rounded up the help of two Tweens (Katie and Leila) along with my mom "the make-up artist." They did a great job! Katie and Leila were wonderful helpers and they loved it too! The girls at the party were really pampered and one even said (while her feet were being rubbed), " I could be here all day." Alise wanted to play bingo so we also played a "spa bingo". It was so much fun and Alise said it was the best party she's ever had (although I think she says that every time).

Feild trip to the Krispy Kreme

Preston's Preschool class had a feild trip to Krispy Kreme and I finally remembered to bring my camera! They had a great time hearing how the doughnuts are made and being able to touch the dough, and at the end they even got to sample one! I think this is one of our favorite feild trips.

Our Cousins came to visit from CA!

Heather (Gregg's sister) came to visit for a couple days with her two kiddos, Jordan and Caiden. The kids had SO much fun playing and being wild. The kids loved having them sleep over! Caiden and Maleah became best buddies and occationally Maleah would rest her head on his shoulder when they watched t.v or played on his pixter, it was the CUTEST THING! They all got along so good and didn't fight at all! The kids all cried when it was time for them to leave.

What will he come up with next???

I had to post these pictures of my brother Andy. He was going to a Christmas party for work and they were having an ugly sweater contest. Andy ended up winning 2nd place. We laughed so HARD!

Our new cat MAX

Around last October our cat Tia dissapeared along with 2 others cats in the neighborhood that month. These cats always come home and suddenly they were gone. We tried posting Lost cat flyers and driving and walking around the neighborhood but we found nothing. We were all very sad and the weather had suddenly turned really cold so we knew that if someone didn't bring her inside, she was most likely dead. I kept telling Gregg that I was going to make one last attempt to find her by checking the animal shelter. I would always add," if she's not there, don't be surprised if I come home with a new kitty." To that he would reply," No way." Life got busy and I didn't have a chance to head to the shelter and one evening Gregg came home with a box. He gathered us all together and pulled out a black kitty and totally surpried us all! He's not really a big fan of cats, but he knew I wanted one. We were all so excited! The kids named him Max. He is now very much part of our family. The kids play with him, tease him, and they love to dress him up in doll clothes. He is pretty melow and puts up with So much from the kids. Here are a few shots of him.