Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Card 2010

Merry Christmas!
This past year has been a pretty exciting one.
In March Emma joined us, so cute and so fun!
Six months later our house was feeling a bit tight.
So, Tyler and Caleb moved out, then it was just right.
We sure miss them a lot but they visit a Ton!
The kids think it's great and we always have fun!
Gregg's worked at Colliers for almost 6 years,
We think it could be time for him to switch gears.
Although happy he is to have work and have pay.
We're hoping for more in our future someday.
Elders Quorum President keeps him busy galore.
Sometimes I wish he was home a bit more.
But grateful he is to serve with his heart.
He's always so willing to do more than his part.
As for me I am home with my active little crew.
I go crazy at times, but have lots of fun too.
I taught the 11 & 12 year olds at Church this year.
I've really enjoyed them and will miss them I fear.
Dallin is now my big 11 year old
although he is loving, he's become very bold
Speaking his mind and sticking up for what’s right.
He's quite the example and it's been a great sight.
He also tried out and made the team
Being in Basketball is always his dream.
Alise is so sweet and always loves to share
She's made lots of friends and tries to play fair.
She played soccer for the first time, mom thought it would be rough
But Alise got right in there and played really tough.
Preston our quiet guy doesn’t complain a whole lot.
Sometimes we wonder if he is happy or not.
Preston played soccer and really surprised us all.
We had no idea how great he was with a soccer ball!
Maleah is just happy to cuddle and chat.
She's our sweet lady, no doubt about that!
This year she's enjoyed our preschool co-op.
Which lately's kept mom busy non-stop.
Little Emma is last of our little clan.
We're just happy she fits in our minivan.
Emma loves to smile, wave bye bye, and try new food.
Her spirit warms our home and puts us in a good mood.
As Christmas time draws very near,
We think of Christ and what he's done for us all year.
So grateful we are for His birth, life and death
We owe him everything even our breath.
To Him praises We'll Sing!
Let us worship him, our Savior and King!
From: the Hodgkin family

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Okay I am up to date! Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After about 4 hours of updating I sucessfully posted 11 new posts! Please go look though them and leave a comment. You'll have to scroll down and click on older posts to see all the new posts. The 11th one is SOOOOO funny. I promise it will make you laugh so go through them all. ENJOY!

Yes, Yes I had a baby girl!

My friends keep bugging me and saying that it's been so long since I've updated this thing that Emma is not even on here. So here is a post deticated to my sweet
Emma Julie Lynn Hodgkin born March.30, 2010

Horrible things happen after you have a baby!

After Emma was born Maleah decided that she wanted to be an artist with her poop. She would hide out in her room and smear it on the door, toys, clothes and floor. I thought I was going to go CRAZY! It happened more than once and she decided to cover it and smoosh clothes on top so we wouldn't find it. I was to upset for pictures. . .sorry. After MUCH prayer and tested patience it finally stopped. Then we took Preston to his Kindergarden testing (again, right after baby was born) and they gave him a pair of scissors and told him to practice cutting at home. This is how he practiced. . . . . .

Lucky for me I have a really good friend who can fix any haircut! LIsa did a great job and Maleah is always getting compliments. I just hope all the compliments don't go to her head and make her want to do it again!


Preston had a chance to play soccer on a team for the first time! When little kids play for the first time I always think it is so funny! Sometimes they get a goal for the opposite team, or you see them looking confused, or my favorite is when they are daydreaming and totally not paying attention to the game at all. We got a few laughs this last season but overall Preston is getting much better. We signed him and Alise up for soccer again this year. We can't wait to see how they do!

Summer time fun at home and Father's Day

Swim time with cousins in CA!

Vacation at the Beach house!

We went to Dilon Beach this year as part of our vacation and stayed in a really nice beach house. The house we stayed in was so close to the water and it was just beautiful!

This is the 3 level house we stayed in. It was really nice! The last picture is our view from the house to the beach. So Pretty!

Jelly Bellys. . . . favorite!

We took a tour of the Jelly Belly Factory while on Vacation this year. They didn't let us take pictures on the tour so this is all I have. They have really re-done the place since the last time I was there! Our tour took place above the factory so you could look down and watch the people making the candy, separating the bad ones, etc.
When we first went into the tour it smelled like barf! People were covering their noses and making faces (I should have taken a picture of that :) I didn't find out until much later that they were actually making a barf jelly belly! They have a whole section for young kids with weird jelly belly flavors that I normally wouldn't try (I'll tell you more about that in a minute) there was baby wipe flavor, toothpaste, skunk spray and booger flavor just to name a few. Dallin thought these were cool and he bought a few to share with some friends.
On our way back to Sacramento Dallin took out his yucky jelly bellys and tried to get Alise and Preston to eat them. They didn't of course but in the process Dallin dropped one and couldn't find it. Later when we got home I went out to clean the car a little. I was cleaning the back and I saw this Jelly Belly just sitting on the seat. I normally wouldn't eat it from the seat but there was no where to put it so I popped it into my mouth when suddenly I realized it wasn't a normal jelly belly at all! I had eaten a BARF one! Yuck!!!! I went inside to tell the kids what happened and they laughed their heads off! All this time Dallin was just pleading for someone to try a barf jelly belly and I had just fulfilled his wish without knowing it. At least it made someone happy i guess.

Train Museum

On our Vacation to California this summer we went to the train museum with our cousins. It was interesting but I think Gregg liked it most of all! It was all about history and that is one of his favorite things. We got to tour old trains and hear about how they rode, slept and ate during their travels. There was even a mail train where they sorted mail while they rode. It was very educational! We had some friends take a vacation this year by train and they got to stay a few nights in a little room on the train with bunk beds and everything. I think it would be so cool someday to do something like that with the whole family.

Fun with Hair

I braided the girls hair before bed so in the morning it would look all cute and wavey. I think it turned out pretty cute and they were loving all the attention too!