Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Maleah Started Walking!

This weekend Maleah just took off! She started walking averywhere on Sunday afternoon. Before Sunday she was never really interested in walking, she would just crawl or walk on her knees. Although she is not very stable yet, she gets up and trys again and again.

Pinewood Derby

Dallin recieved 8th place out of 27 kids in the Derby Race, and 2nd place within his pack. This was his first time racing so he was really proud. . . .dad was too!
I looked online FOREVER to find some neat facts about our apostles! I'll tell you the story on why I was searching for it in the first place. I was called one Saturday night (at around 9pm) to teach my son Dallin's class at church (Valient 9). I was a little nervous because believe it or not I haven't really taught many primary classes. The class went great. . .better than I expected and at the end we had a little free time. So I brought out some candy and had a "what do you know" session, where I asked gospel questions and they gave the answers for a piece of candy. First I asked," What are the names of the 2 men in our new first presidency other than our Prophet Thomas S. Monson?" Every child, except one had a blank look on their face and just stared at me. Then one boy started rattling off the names (by the way it wasn't MY son) while the others stared in disbelief . Then I thought I'd better make it easier for this class, so I said." name ANY other apostle". The kids all looked blank and couldn't name one! I was shocked! I thought at least Dallin could name one. . .but he couldn't. So needless to say I went home disappointed in myself for not teaching my kids more about these special people in my life. I want my kids to be like the one boy who knew right away our new first presidency, and better yet I want them to really KNOW them. These should be some of the most important men in our lives and most of our kids don't even know their names, or anything else about them for that matter. This has been bugging me so much that I have decided to have my family home evening all about our apostles (a get-to know you). I am thinking this might take a few FHE's to do. I am hoping that when they get to know these men, they will have a stronger desire to actually listen during Conference to what they have to say. So here's the link to pictures and facts :


** I am going to think up some fun games to play for our family home evening on getting to know the apostles. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!- Jamie

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Easter egg hunt with cousins!

Julie and Brian visited us in Idaho right before Easter. Aunt Julie put together an Easter egg hunt for all of the cousins (Julie's kids, Andy's kids, and my kids). March 08'

Tyler went to the Temple to Prepare for his mission

Gregg, Andy and I accompanied Tyler to through his first session at the Boise, Idaho temple. Tyler was so excited to be there!

Silly Maleah!

Maleah loves to dress up. . .only she doesn't always get things in the right spot!

The Hodgkin Family Update

Gregg- Is currently working as an accountant for Collier's International. He is also working with the teachers in the scouting program. He Loves to be with the youth. . . I think it keeps him young! He goes camping every month with them, and it learning to bare the unbearable (camping in the snow and freezing). He's had some of the longest nights you can imagine! We think he is a Great Daddy and husband!

- Is at home with 4 little ones each day. . .and she loves it! They keep her on her toes and make her laugh everyday. She is also working with the younger scouts as a Den mother (to the Wolfs). Jamie is in a food group with 4 other ladies. Each lady is assigned a day to cook (M-Thus.) and on their day they cook for all four families and deliver the food. It's great to hear the doorbell ring and know that dinner is ready! We sure love it, and love experiencing new foods! On her day to cook however, it can be a little stressful getting dinner ready with 4 kids. . . .but well worth it!

Dallin (8)- Is our little cuddler. Even though he is already 8 years old he still finds time to climb in mom's lap and get a few hugs in (of course when none of his friends are here). Dallin is also playing soccer on a local team and doing great! He is such a sports guy! He is great at just about whatever he tries. He is also in scouts (with mom) and loves to have fun with all the boys. Dallin is doing wonderful in school! His latest report card was exactly what parents hope for! Congratulations Dallin, we love you!

Alise (5)- Is our princess. She loves to be beautiful! She always wants to dress up or do her nails, and she especially likes to put on make-up (thanks to her uncle who bought if for Christmas ;) I am not naming any names. . .TYLER! She is so sweet and will play whatever her friends want to play, she is just happy to have someone to be with. Alise will be going to Kindergarten this year and mom is starting reading lessons. Our goal is to have her reading by the end of summer.

Preston (3)- Is our fun guy! He is always smiling and LOVES to make people laugh ( he is really good at it too). Preston loves to play outside, especially with his cousin's that share a backyard with us. He is now a sunbeam at church and loves to go to primary. He looks forward to Preschool this September (he will be going to Alise's old preschool). Preston is incredibly smart and learns things without us even teaching him! He can already spell his name. . .and his sister's too! He brings a light to our family.

Maleah (1)- Maleah is loved by all! She is so sweet and cuddly. When you hold her she always wants to lay he head on your shoulder. She plays Really well by herself or with her brothers and sisters. She just crawls from room to room , and rarely even cries. She is always laughing and being silly. Maleah has been so easy and such a joy to our family!