Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My doctor update!

This afternoon wouldn't you know it, I was eating lunch when I started to see spots AGAIN! I was kind of annoyed because my doctor appointment was going to be in an hour and I can't drive if I am having a migraine (it's to dangerous). So I called my mom to drive me, and lucky for me Caleb was here for my kids and I was able to lay down and rest until it was time to go. By the time I got there I felt pretty good. The doctor said he thinks I am just having bad migraines but to be sure he ordered an MRI. I will be having the MRI next week sometime, they still have to call and make an appointment for me. He said that he doesn't think they will find anything on the MRI and if they don't, he has this really cool migraine pill that dissolves and works really fast. I am not worried at all, in fact I am actually excited that there might be something out there that will help. I'll update you next week when I go. Thank you all for caring so much. Love you all- Jamie

Friday, November 21, 2008

Doctor here I come!

Okay, I have been procrastenating but I finally have an appointment. I have been having these horrible, horrible headachs lately. They start with bright lights (sort of like someone just took your picture) and the lights get worse and worse until I have this massive headach and I can't really function. Sometimes I get numb on one side of my body and sometimes I have it so bad that I can't even talk right. I can think stright but my words come out all wrong. About 2 weeks ago I was at Old Navy with Denise and it happened. I tried talking to her but it was so difficult and she was a little worried. I ment to make an appointment but things got busy and I didn't have another one. . . .until today. I was in bed for quite awhile, while my kids ran around my bedroom. My poor visiting teachers waited at the door and no one ever answered it:( I finally decided that enough was enough and I found a doctor (because I only had a OBGYN doctor) and made an appointment. It's this Tuesday at 1:30, so please pray for me. I hope its nothing serious, I'll update you when I know more.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Song, A Party, and a Tag


Preston's birthday party was today! He doesn't actually turn 4 until Saturday but he had his first real party today. He invited all the kids from preschool (even the girls) and one other boy from church. It was all about dinosaurs and he loved it! We had a Dino egg hunt, played musical Dino's, colored pictures and played play dough. You know. . .it really is funny to watch kids that age, they don't really care about other people. I know that sounds bad but I mean that in a very innocent way (they aren't doing things to be mean or rude). One of the girls was really shy and complained to her mom the whole time that she wanted to leave, one boy ignored what we were doing and did his own thing, and Preston . . .well he ditched his friends once he opened his presents! I don't think any of the kids even knew the birthday boy wasn't with them :) Even so, I think they all had a great time. Thank you to Tina who stayed and helped she was a lifesaver!!!

I've been Tagged So here goes...........

8 Favorite TV shows
1-Jon and Kate + 8
2-Cosby show (reruns )
3-Home Improvement (reruns )
4- Little People Big World
5- The News
6-Running out of shows ???
7-Honestly I really don't watch much T.V

8 Things I did yesterday
1-went shopping for a scout project
2-Cleaned house
3-mailed a package to my grandma
4-Made dinner for dinner group (4 families)
5-read blogs
6-decorated for Preston's party
7-made a dinosaur cake for Preston's party
8-went to the gym

8 Things I look forward to
1-Girls Weekend end of April Yeah
4-Maleah not throwing tantrums
5-My Anniversary 11 yrs 09/10
6- naps (yeah right)
7-my next date with my hubby
8-Tammy (my sister-in-law) coming to visit

8 Favorite Restaurants
1-Olive Garden
5-Ruby River
6-I am to picky about my restaurants to have 8 favorites!

8 Things on my wish list
1-I wish my house could be spotless
2-I wish I could be a better organizer
3-I wish I could win the lotto
4-I wish I could travel to Germany to visit family
5-I wish I could go on a cruise
6-I wish that I could build my dream home
7-I wish I could be more patient
8-I wish I didn't have to think of so many things to wish for!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shopping no more!

I feel SO good, I am mostly DONE shopping for Christmas. Yep, you read it right. This year I decided to start WAY early and I found some GREAT deals too! I am totally done with all my kids, including stuffers (I just hope candy will be okay until then :) I am almost done with Gregg just a few more little things. I am also done with my parents and Gregg's parents and Tyler (I already shipped those two):) I feel on top of the world! I do have a very small list left for people here and there but nothing big at all. I think I am going to start doing this every year! You know what has been really cool too??? When I see something I already bought go on sale (or in my case on clearance) I have plenty of time to take it back!
I love the Christmas holiday and now I can finally take it all in without having to worry about the "other stuff".