Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Visitors

This last week some of our very best friends came to Boise to visit us. Brooke and Kenny are now from Utah, but they were our neighbors in Sacramento. They came here to celebrate their anniversary (thanks for including us guys, we feel So special).
While they were here we watched movies, stayed up late and talked, and had a date night at Ruby Tuesdays . . . .yummy! We really had a great time, Thanks for including us Book-tenny (our kids use to call them that. These pictures were taken late when we were really tired.

Our kids with little Ashton (their daughter)

All of us

Ashton and Maleah hugging . . .so cute!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

I thought this might be fun!

Here are some random pictures of my youth. Don't laugh to much! If you want to see them larger, just click on them. ENJOY!

This is my brother Sean, sister Julie, A neighbor, me and my brother Andy

This is me, my friend Natasha and Amy getting back from our first year at girls camp.

My brother Chris and my sister Julie with their dates.

This is me and my friend Amy at our first year of girls camp


This is my senior Portraits

This is also my senior Portraits

This is me and a friend named Lance

This is Aaron, my sister Julie, her best friend Nycole and her date

Me in my high school computers class

My good friend Tasha and I

Friends: Neil, Jodh, George, Nate, and Vistor at my 18th birthday surprise party

Friends George and Steph

Me in 8th grade

Me and my nephew (I was just barely engaged to Gregg)

Me with friends Steph and Tasha

Same friends

Me and friends Tammy and Stacia

Me, Don't remember when

Me with Friend Amy (I think I was about 12)

Me in 4th grade

Gregg and I RIGHT after getting engaged, on top of the Oakland temple

Tasha and Steph

Bro-in-law Brian, mom, bro. Sean, Dad, Bro Chris, Nephew Landon, Sis Julie, me, sis-in-law Susan, friend Lindsey

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A change of plans

I was actually hoping to post a slide show of old photos from my growing up years. I went through pictures and picked all the ones I wanted, and then my scanner wouldn't work. They were pictures that were sure to make you laugh, I'll have to find a way to post those later.
So I have decided that this post would be dedicated to my precious girls!
(The pictures rotate Alise to Maleah)
Not sure how to take the music off, so click on the sound and it'll turn off.
I just love my girls! They make me smile everyday.
Alise is so thoughtful and always looking to serve others by drawing a picture or offering to help with a chore. Many times I find her in her brothers room cleaning and she whispers to me," I want to surprise them mom." When she gets candy or money all she wants to do is share! One time she saved her money and bought some candy that she really wanted, when she got home she gave almost all of it away and was so happy about it. When someone is sick it just kills Alise, she thinks of anything and everything she can do for them. Today Preston was actually sick and she would look at him and then at me and say," mommy I feel so bad that he is sick." She is going to be a great mommy someday!
Maleah is also a sweetheart. Even though she is young her personality is shining through. She loves to sing songs and is often making up her own songs (most of the time it's a gibberish language with a few understandable words here and there). If we are in the car and she is upset, all we have to do is sing a song and she'll start singing too. She is so obedient and always wants to please us. When I tell her to do something most of the time her response is "okay mommy" or "sure mommy." She is very polite, when I hand her, her lunch there is always a "thank you mommy." Or when she wants something it's, "please mommy" and if for some reason that doesn't work there is a "PPPLLLLLLLEASSEEEEEE mommy!" She is my cuddler and loves to be with me. I love her so much!
Here are some recent shots of my girls, being the cuties that they are!