Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Card 2010

Merry Christmas!
This past year has been a pretty exciting one.
In March Emma joined us, so cute and so fun!
Six months later our house was feeling a bit tight.
So, Tyler and Caleb moved out, then it was just right.
We sure miss them a lot but they visit a Ton!
The kids think it's great and we always have fun!
Gregg's worked at Colliers for almost 6 years,
We think it could be time for him to switch gears.
Although happy he is to have work and have pay.
We're hoping for more in our future someday.
Elders Quorum President keeps him busy galore.
Sometimes I wish he was home a bit more.
But grateful he is to serve with his heart.
He's always so willing to do more than his part.
As for me I am home with my active little crew.
I go crazy at times, but have lots of fun too.
I taught the 11 & 12 year olds at Church this year.
I've really enjoyed them and will miss them I fear.
Dallin is now my big 11 year old
although he is loving, he's become very bold
Speaking his mind and sticking up for what’s right.
He's quite the example and it's been a great sight.
He also tried out and made the team
Being in Basketball is always his dream.
Alise is so sweet and always loves to share
She's made lots of friends and tries to play fair.
She played soccer for the first time, mom thought it would be rough
But Alise got right in there and played really tough.
Preston our quiet guy doesn’t complain a whole lot.
Sometimes we wonder if he is happy or not.
Preston played soccer and really surprised us all.
We had no idea how great he was with a soccer ball!
Maleah is just happy to cuddle and chat.
She's our sweet lady, no doubt about that!
This year she's enjoyed our preschool co-op.
Which lately's kept mom busy non-stop.
Little Emma is last of our little clan.
We're just happy she fits in our minivan.
Emma loves to smile, wave bye bye, and try new food.
Her spirit warms our home and puts us in a good mood.
As Christmas time draws very near,
We think of Christ and what he's done for us all year.
So grateful we are for His birth, life and death
We owe him everything even our breath.
To Him praises We'll Sing!
Let us worship him, our Savior and King!
From: the Hodgkin family


Crystal said...

So cute thanks for sharing!

Hollie said...

Very impressive!

Amie and Karl said...

That is so cute I thought it was awesome

The Odom Family said...

Love the picture! Emma's smile is darling!!

Susan and Scott said...

I love this little poem so much. you did an awesome job.

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I love this little poem so much. you did an awesome job.